City of Hamilton map showing locations of watermains to be replaced if the City receives Ontario Housing-Enabling Water Systems Funds Credit: HANDOUT

The City of Hamilton is hoping to secure provincially housing infrastructure funds to cover 73 percent of the cost of replacing and upgrading key watermains servicing areas west of the downtown core.

On June 17, Council’s Public Works Committee approved a staff application to apply for funding to upsize watermains running under York Boulevard, Cannon Street, Locke Street, and Margaret Street to enable more housing intensification in West Hamilton.

The City seeks to build 700 metres of 500mm watermain and value chambers on York Blvd at Locke to Cannon at Caroline, and replace and increase the size of pipes in the Strathcona neighbourhood which connect between York Boulevard and King Street West.

The overall project budget is estimated at $12.92-million, the City is seeking $9.43-million from the province’s Housing-Enabling Water Systems Fund.

The remaining $3.49-million will be municipally funded between the capital tax levy and development charges.

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