A photo of Hamilton's 23,000 seat civic soccer and football stadium. A wide shot.
Hamilton's civic stadium, currently named Tim Horton's Field, during the summer of 2020 Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

Hamilton’s public school board trustees say the City is not living up to its promises to ensure access to field time at Tim Hortons Field for Bernie Curtis Secondary School students.

“When we engaged in building the Bernie Curtis Secondary School site, there was an agreement with the city that we would eventually use the Dominion Glass site as a field, which would be off-site. In the interim, we would have access for our students to Tim Hortons Field,” Ward 7 Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Trustee Dawn Danko stated Monday during a City-HWDSB Liaison Committee meeting at City Hall. “We have challenges accessing Tim Hortons Field that has a real impact.”

Trustee Danko asked city staff for an update on the ‘Stadium Precinct’ park that will be built on the former Dominion Glass site.

Chris Herstek, City of Hamilton Acting General Manager of Community Services, stated he would speak with city public works directors and provide a written update.

“What I could suggest is that I take this back to staff and a written update could be provided committee within a week.”

The City of Hamilton acquired the former Dominion Glass factory at 43 Lloyd Street in 2014 as part of its commitment to build park space to replace park space lost to the construction of the new 2015 Pan Am Games stadium.

During the past decade, construction of the park has been delayed by the City in favour of other projects.

The City promised the school board that Bernie Curtis sports teams and school programming would have access to Tim Hortons Field in place of the promised park space.

The Liaison Committee passed a resolution asking city public works staff “to engage in investigation of additional opportunities for Bernie Curtis students to utilize Tim Hortons Field”

Construction of the park is presently listed to be funded in the City’s 2025 budget. It has been named Brightside Park, in honour of the former Brightside neighbourhood.

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