A layout of the May 2022 resubmission of Chedoke Browlands development proposal Credit: HANDOUT

The decades-long saga of the Chedoke Browlands is approaching an end.

The Ontario Land Tribunal announced on Friday that a rescheduled settlement hearing will occur on Monday to approve a settlement agreement between the City of Hamilton and Valery (Chedoke Browlands) Developments Inc.

The terms of the deal will be released after the OLT issues its approval.

The OLT was to approve the settlement deal at the beginning of March. However, the City had to withdraw from the hearing due to its late February cybersecurity failure.

The Chedoke Browlands consists of 9.6 hectares of land that were formerly part of the Chedoke Hospital complex.

The lands were declared surplus in 2006 and sold in 2007 to Deanlee Management Inc.

Valery Homes purchased the property from Deanlee Management Inc. in 2012.

The lands are bound by the Niagara Escarpment to the north, and by Scenic Drive on all other sides. Chedoke Creek flows through the lands.

There is the historically designated Long & Bisby Building on the site. The building was originally constructed in 1920 as a staff residence. The site was operating as a sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis patients.

Valery Homes plans to move its corporate headquarters into this building.

Development Process Began in 2007

The first development proposals were sent to the City of Hamilton in 2007, and the Ontario Municipal Board appeal was filed in 2010.

Deanlee Management Inc.’s original 2007 zoning and official plan application sought to build townhouses and apartment buildings of up to 10 storeys. The City Council was not supportive of this.

The plan was modified to have apartment buildings of up to six storeys, with 600 units of housing.

On June 10, 2010, City planning staff recommended that the Council approve the development. However, council delayed the approval, and the developer filed an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board.

In 2012, the OMB approved 529 units on the site, including six-storey buildings for the site.

2020 Re-proposal

In October 2020, Valery Homes submitted a new development plan to build five residential condo and apartment buildings and ten 2-storey townhouse blocks, totaling 574 apartment units and 56 townhouse units.

In May 2021, they filed their non-decision appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal.

In May 2022, they made a resubmission and lowered the proposed heights of buildings.

The proposal includes an 8-storey building, a 6-storey building, three 5-storey buildings, and 40 townhouses.

There will be 649 units in the apartment buildings.

Council Settlement Approval

The settlement deal was approved by the council during its February 23, 2024, Planning Committee meeting and ratified at the Council ratification meeting on April 10, 2024.

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