Public computers remain closed off at the Hamilton Public Library failing a City of Hamilton cybersecurity failure. Credit: Joey Coleman

On Wednesday, Hamilton’s Public Library Board received its monthly update regarding the ongoing impacts of the City of Hamilton’s cybersecurity failure.

The Library’s computer systems were fully integrated with the City of Hamilton network.

When the City network experienced its cybersecurity failure due to a lack of separation between systems, the library was impacted alongside the City’s computerized fire department dispatch system, doors to CityHousing apartment buildings, city digital files were encrypted for ransom, and impacts still not disclosed to the public.

The Library is building a new computer network.

Chief Librarian Paul Takala says the new network will be “hardened” and “better protected “to contain any damage if something does get through.

However, there remains “shared infrastructure” with the City of Hamilton, meaning the Library needs approval from City Hall before it can restore some services. It also has to wait in the queue for technical support from the City.

Public WiFi has been restored. (Update: HPL states WiFi is not yet restored at the Ancaster, Carlisle, and Valley Park branches.)

Takala says the Library is “working on trying to get printing back” for the public with a “temporary printing solution.”

He says the Library is exploring upgrades to allow people to send requests to library printers from their own devices.

Takala did not share timelines during the Library Board’s public session, saying the Library is making its “best efforts” to restore services “as quickly as we can.”

The Library continues to update the public on its website here:

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