Hamilton - Stoney Creek boundary Credit: CIty of Hamilton Map

Here’s another quirk of the great Downtown Stoney Creek parking lot debate:

The “Made in Stoney Creek” proposal to save the parking lots and instead place affordable housing in the Riverdale neighbourhood would see planned affordable housing shifted into East Hamilton.

Riverdale is in East Hamilton, not Stoney Creek.

The former Hamilton – Stoney Creek boundary runs just north of Queenston Road.

Francis would likely point out he represents both Riverdale and Downtown Stoney Creek. Both are in Ward 5.

And nothing politically turns on this.

Nobody will change their mind because of this; it is nonetheless a fact that has not been noted to this point.

Does the Hamilton / Stoney Creek Boundary Matter Anymore?

The boundary between East Hamilton and Stoney Creek is one of my favourite Hamilton localisms to debate. The political boundary is clear, it runs north of Queenston Road from Centennial Parkway to just east of Gray Road.

Culturally, economically, and how people live, the boundary barely exists.

For many, Centennial Parkway is what they think of as the boundary between East Hamilton and Stoney Creek.

For those newer to Hamilton, I’ve seen them consider everything east of the Red Hill Valley Parkway to be Stoney Creek.

This is to say that while I’m pointing out the political boundary, it is no longer politically relevant.


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  1. Riverdale is a great area. I ride past it every day on the way to work, and there’s already a new condo building being built on the opposite side of Riverdale. Let’s use the vast area around Riverdale and supporting areas for more affordable housing, irregardless if it’s Hamilton, or Stoney Creek!

  2. I’m a disabled senior who frequently uses the parking lot. The medical building is where I get x Ray’s and ultrasounds, lab work and physio.
    My chiropractor lives on the corner.
    The shops I go to in the old town are all going to go out of business.
    Is it really necessary to provide the housing when it’s going to turn Stoney Creek into a ghost town.
    I will never vote for Andrea again.

    1. Me either but I never voted for her in the first place. She made a mess out of the NDP and she’s making a mess out of our elected Council.

  3. There is a huge open field right beside the tim horton at Barton st e and lake ave. There is a ton of room possibly for another low income survey.also kiddy corner from that tom hortons there’s also another huge field opened there for more low income housing.they need to stop worrying so much bout condos there’s a whole lot of hamiltontians that can’t afford condos even if they try. The city needs to reopen the survey There james st n screw condos and redo the houses.people of hamilton need all the low income housing.as much as possible.

  4. Yes to Riverdale. Our Mayor did NOTHING while in a Provincial seat, now in municipal seat still nothing. If Stoney Creek loses the parking lot she can kiss her next election good bye. Put housing in her neighborhood.

  5. I would like to see this area turned into a area for tiny homes or RV for overnight parking or monthly rentals.
    For working people in this town that can not find housing,who is contributing to the taxes.

  6. Busses on the mountain and Ancaster are underused. If the put affordable housing there, it would increase the use of busses and let people live in a better neighborhood. But they always want to put it in lower Hamilton putting a strain on everything

  7. I agree 100%. It would be poor planning for downtown Creek if those houses were built there. It would make downtown Stoney Creek too congested. Especially when there’s plenty of room over on Riverdale, where you can build at least 3 to 4 times as many.

  8. I do not understand why all alternate available sites in Stoney Creek were not investigated as viable options when the site chosen causes many problems. This is strong arm politics in my opinion. They tell citizens we have a say when we vote but that seems to be vanishing quickly. What has happened to democracy?

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