Hamilton City Council meeting in December 2022 Credit: Joey Coleman

Ward 6 Councillor Tom Jackson expensed $1,743.86 for meals and event tickets in 2023, topping the councillors’ expenses list. Jackson often expensed for two tickets to community events.

Ward 1 Clr Maureen Wilson, Ward 3 Clr Nrinder Nann, Ward 7 Clr Esther Pauls, and Ward 13 Clr Alex Wilson filed no expense claims in 2023.

Other Councillors (Ordered by Amount Claimed)

Ward 8 Clr John-Paul Danko expensed $1,541.76, he often expensed two tickets to community events.

Ward 14 Clr Mike Spadafora expensed $1,128.05, mostly attending community events, including purchasing five tickets to the Food4Kids Breakfast Gala.

Ward 5 Clr Matt Francis expensed $394.32, nearly evenly split between meetings at restaurants and community events. He claimed $185.64 for mileage.

Ward 10 Clr Jeff Beattie expensed $243.16. He expensed one community event ticket of $80.00 and $163.16 for restaurant meetings.

Ward 4 Clr Tammy Hwang expensed two meetings at restaurants for a total of $158.82. She claimed $185.64 for mileage.

Ward 15 Clr Ted McMeekin expensed $150 for one ticket to the Outstanding Business Achievement Awards. He claimed $747.32 for mileage. Ward 15 is largely rural.

Ward 9 Clr Brad Clark expensed $65.00 for one ticket to the Stoney Creek Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Gala.

Ward 11 Clr Mark Tadeson expensed $21.25 for meals. He claimed $694.95 for mileage. Ward 11 is the most expansive in geographical size.

Ward 2 Clr Cameron Kroetch expensed two meals of $9.00 each for a total of $18.00.

Ward 12 Clr Craig Cassar expensed $13.76 for one meal. He claimed $319.60 for mileage.

TPR reported on Mayor Horwath’s 2023 expense claims here.

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