Thus far, the ongoing ransomware attack against the City of Hamilton has had only a minor impact on the City’s cases at the Ontario Land Tribunal.

Many of the City’s OLT cases are handled by outside legal counsel, who are not impacted by the loss of access to files which internal City of Hamilton lawyers are experiencing.

The City was forced to request a delay to a settlement hearing for 651 Queenston Road. It has been postponed until April 23.

A settlement hearing for 3064, 3070, 3078 & 3084 Regional Road 56 Road and 3160, 3168, 3180 & 3190 Regional Road 56 was conducted on Tuesday, February 27.

March Break Timing

The Ontario Land Tribunal hears fewer cases during the school March Break period. This will alleviate some of the impact.

The next City of Hamilton hearing is a March 19 case management conference for a non-decision appeal for the property at 499 Mohawk Road East.

Impacts of Planning Staff Being Locked Out of Files

The City’s planning staff are locked out of their files due to the ransomware attack. When new appeals are filed, they cannot produce the required municipal records for submission to the OLT.

They cannot access records to prepare evidence and affidavits for ongoing appeal hearings.

As the weeks of lost productivity compound, the City will face a backlog of OLT work to be completed.

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