Hamilton Street Railway buses at King and MacNab in late September 2017. Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

The union representing Hamilton’s public transit workers says last-minute talks between it and the City of Hamilton today were “a shameful waste of taxpayers’ money.”

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 107 and the City of Hamilton met this morning at the Sheraton Hotel.

ATU 107 President Eric Tuck says representatives from the City only wished to discuss strike protocols and did not have ‘anything further to offer’ in negotiations.

Tuck writes the union refused to sign any strike protocols.

“[We] asked the employer if they had anything further to offer, that would be helpful in avoiding a disruption of service or an improved offer and was advised that they did not,” Tuck wrote in a statement to union members this afternoon.

“We regret to inform you that we see no path toward a resolution,” Tuck states. “To be clear, there will be no Transit services on Thursday, November 9th.”

Tuck states the union “remains prepared to resume productive negotiations should the employer wish to make an improved offer.”

The HSR strike is scheduled to begin Thursday morning. HSR buses will operate until the end of Wednesday’s scheduled service. This means the last buses, most of which depart Downtown Hamilton at 1:20 a.m., will operate.

This will be the first HSR strike since a 12-week shutdown that began nearly 25 years ago in November 1998.

The Union and City are far apart on pay and working conditions.

Hamilton’s labour unions will hold a solidarity rally and press conference at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday at the MacNab Transit Terminal.

Update #1: ATU 107 President Eric Tuck issued a video update for the public regarding today’s talks. View it on Vimeo

TPR’s recent coverage includes details of the City’s final offer, why the City’s plan to remove a driver shuttle bus is a contentious issue, the Union vote to reject the final offer on Sunday, and recollections of the 1998/99 strike.

TPR will continue to provide updates on the HSR labour disruption. Sign up for our newsletter to keep informed.

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4 replies on “HSR Talks Fail: Union Says “To Be Clear” Thursday Strike Inevitable”

  1. I believe public transit is an essential service. The drivers deserve a better wage. The general population that relies on the buses should not have to pay for taxis or ubers. Most of the ridership is on a fixed income like me. Hopefully there will be an 11th hour offer that is fair.

  2. Hopefully someone at city hall will call a press conference and ease the fears of transit riders…

  3. I’ve worked for the city before and This is just how they are; Greedy and out of touch. Honestly, it’s sad that nothing’s changed all these years. I’m not surprised that they wasted time with this last meeting. I hope this strike gives light to the truely worthless upper staff in the city. They need to go. Disgracefully.

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