Rendering of Hamilton's Proposed LRT looking west at the intersection of King Street East and Wellington Street. Credit: Handout / City of Hamilton

The Ontario government will review all construction and building permits along the B-Line LRT corridor to ensure private works do not interfere with or delay LRT construction.

In an order-in-council issued on September 28, the Province designated all properties within 30 metres of the planned LRT route between McMaster University and Eastgate Square to be within a transit corridor land.

Hamilton’s LRT is one of five priority transit projects under the Building Transit Faster Act.

The Act grants the Province special powers to ensure the accelerated completion of projects, including the review of all permits issued within the corridor.

The map of properties included in the corridor is available on the Ontario Order in Council website

All affected property owners are receiving notices by mail.

The City of Hamilton writes, “A corridor development permit may be required from Metrolinx for anyone situated in the Transit Corridor Lands and planning to build, change or place a building, other structure or road on or under an owner’s property. Some projects are deemed minor and others are exempt.”

Residents along the corridor are unlikely to be affected.

The permit control is designed to avoid significant works, such as new building construction or road works, at the same time as LRT construction.

UPDATE: A copy of the Metrolinx letter has been posted to Flickr. The letter explains the provisions. Page 1 / Page 2

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  1. Please stop this runaway train before it bankrupts us. An other major change. Does anyone know what they are doing? These things should have been thought through years ago. 1 billion five years ago, 3.4 billion 2 years ago, how much now? Tax payers need a final honest number and a referendum before this debacle goes any further.

  2. Beautiful picture. As always. What about vehicular traffic? One way? Two way like the LRT? Are parking spots eliminated? Why not one LRT one way on King St. and another LRT the other way on Main St. just like the existing traffic? Take care. Gottfried.

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