Hamilton City Hall in February 2022 Credit: Joey Coleman

A recent audit of the City of Hamilton’s accessible transportation services managers revealed they were not even doing the basics of their jobs.

In December, auditors reported ATS managers were not verifying taxi scrip vouchers, and that fraud was possibly occurring.

“There is so much missing information from the redeemed taxi scrips that ongoing compliance assessment and monitoring for illicit activity … is not feasible,” stated the auditor.

None of the managers were held responsible for the mismanagement.

Last week, ATS managers posted their quarterly performance metrics report.

One of the metrics is the maximum time a person is on hold when calling ATS to book an accessible transit ride. The ATS managers continue to average the maximum time in their report spreadsheet.

Details matter. For a section of managers who are supposedly under the microscope, the fact their work remains sloppy is concerning.

One reply on “Joey’s Notepad: Maximum Phone Hold Wait Time for the Year is Not An Average”

  1. As a client of D.A.R.T.S my average Q wait time is over two hours. Unless I call after 6 pm, than it i longer. As one call handler recently told me there are only two booking agents to handle 6 Q;s after 6 pm. During normal business hours there are 6 queues open to handle the bulk of the calls. the on line app is not helpfull.

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