Developers concept for three towers at 310 Frances Avenue in Stoney Creek. Submitted to the Ontario Land Tribunal in 2023 as part of a settlement agreement. Credit: HANDOUT

The decade-long zoning saga at 310 Frances Avenue in Stoney Creek came to a quiet end on Monday with the Ontario Land Tribunal approving a settlement agreement to allow three tall towers of 34, 37, and 44 storeys atop a mutual podium of 4 to 5 storeys.

The approval allows for 1,390 residential units. The minimum number of apartment dwelling units will be 585.

The buildings will be constructed in phases.

The first phase will be the proposed 34-storey building with its own podium. The proposed 37 and 44 storey buildings will share a joint podium.

The City of Hamilton and New Horizon Development Group (NHDG) reached the agreement, presenting it to the Tribunal on May 25, 2023.

The local neighbourhood association, the Lakewood Beach Community Council, was not invited to the settlement talks and stated in May the City’s decision to settle was a “betrayal.”

The No Height Limit Issue

The lands were rezoned in February 2010 with “no maximum building height” and “no maximum lot coverage” both added to the Mixed Use Commercial “MUC-4” Zone designation.

Then Ward 10 Councillor Maria Pearson voted in favour of the rezoning.

In December 2018, NHDG filed a site plan application to develop the site. The plan sought “three towers being 48, 54, and 59 storeys in height” with 1,836 dwelling units.

This began a series of contentious Council meetings, denial of minor variances, and a rare denial of site plan approval by the City.

The 2010 rezoning effectively determined the outcome at the Ontario Municipal Board.

The Approved Variances

Ground-level residential

The development will have 600 square metres of commercial space.

Ground-level “Apartment Dwelling Units” will be permitted “at grade within the four-storey podium of the building along Frances Avenue.”

Parking Changes

Parking ratios will be 1.25 spaces per unit for Phase One and 1.1 spaces per unit for the remaining phases.

Commercial and residential visitor parking may be shared.

There will be “vehicular access from Frances Avenue and Green Road.”

“Amenity Space”

The City will permit the developer to count “balconies and terraces” as amenities areas. The minimum amenity area of 18.0 metres squares per unit is reduced to 17 metres square, “which may include 1,000 square metres of amenity area internal to the building and balconies/terraces.”

Landscaped Open Area

Increased landscaped open space area to 45 percent. MUC-4 Zoning requires 50 percent. The developer initially sought 36 percent.

The ruling will be posted to the OLT website in the coming days.

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3 replies on “OLT Give Final Approval to Three Tall Buildings at 310 Frances Avenue in Stoney Creek”

  1. Shameful and ridiculous!
    A monument to the greed of developers, and the stupidity of planners and those in power who approved these monstrosities along our precious lakefront.
    No one that lives in the area wants it!
    Quality of life for residents will drop as will the monetary value of existing homes sitting in the shadows of these monsters.
    The outsized footprint of the towers will change the light and the privacy of surrounding homes, Bird flightpaths will be affected. Traffic is already a nightmare on weekends here, and will only get worse.
    Shameful and ridiculous!

  2. Too much traffic to hold in this area and I forsee pedestrians getting hurt. We have problems with flooding here in our houses on Frances and Pinelands Ave. Not to mention the wildlife in our area. What is the city thinking in allowing this to happen!

  3. Disappointing to say the least! I live at the Bayliner and moved here to get away from all of the city sky scrapers, traffic, high density and now its going to be right across from where I live. This community is already over populated with the existing homes and now to add 1,392 units is going to be a nightmare. Not sure who got paid to allow this to pass, but I hope when it comes time to sell these units, it will be difficult and a loss to the builder. All I see is dollar signs for the city to make money between property taxes and land transfer tax when and if these units sell. We cannot sustain this type of residential into our neighborhood. Shame on all of those who work for the city to allow such an idea to come to fruition. This shoukd have been allocated in downtown Hamilton, not here!!!

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