The Marine Discovery Centre at Hamilton's Pier 8 West Harbour waterfront Credit: Rick Cordeiro

The Hamilton Waterfront Trust’s accountant says the City-owned and controlled corporation hasn’t been properly maintaining its assets in recent years.

“The other biggest challenge, I think, is basically we’re facing the cost of a lot of repairs on the building and the equipment,” Andrew Pulcins stated at the June HWT Board meeting. “You know, it’s aging [and] hasn’t been maintained properly over a lot of years.”

Pulcins says this may cause the Trust to have a deficit this year.

“The problem is we’re getting a lot of expenses, but they are city-owned assets, but we are paying for them.”

The future of the Trust is under review by the current City Council that was elected in October 2022.

HWT Interim Executive Director Christian Wiley says “it is time” for the City and HWT to reach an agreement to “understand where these need to be paid from” because “these expenses are starting to pile up.”

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