A Cindy Kennedy for Ward 4 lawn sign. Photo was posted by Kennedy to her Facebook page. Kennedy claimed she spent no money on her 2022 election campaign

Hamilton’s Election Compliance Audit Committee declined to pursue action against Ward 4 Cindy Kennedy for her failure to file a proper financial return.

Kennedy, who placed 9th in a field of 11 candidates, claimed to have spent no funds and have raised no money during her campaign. In fact, Kennedy spent funds and raised a minuscule amount of funds.

During the Committee meeting, Kennedy explained why she did not believe her campaign balloon was an expense.

“I did not have my lawn signs until almost two weeks before the election,” Kennedy stated. “That picture is not of the actual campaign sign … it just said Cindy Kennedy Ward 4, it did not say Cindy Kennedy Vote Cindy Kennedy.”

Kennedy repeatedly stated she ran to “do something for my community” and did not believe she was going to win.

“I honestly just had a garage sale with a raffle,” she said. “The day just cost me more than I made.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just going to plead ignorance on it.”

###Committee Questions and Further Violations

“Are there other expenses you put out of your own pocket?,” asked Committee member Linda Lister. “One of the things within with with your finances is anything that you put in is out of pocket has to be deemed as part of your election campaign contributions correct.”

Kennedy responded listing some of her raffle items, including that a couple donated a gift card for a restaurant and a neighbour donated two football tickets.

She also purchased $650 in campaign signs.

Committee member Viv Saunders asked Kennedy about her campaign website and domain. Kennedy stated her daughter did all the work on her website.

“Did you apply for a raffle lottery license?,” Saunders asked. Kennedy responded, “No I didn’t. Sorry.”

Kennedy offered to follow any direction from the Commmittee or pay any fine.

“if I have to fill anything out, I’m willing to do whatever, whatever penalty you guys say I am good, because I didn’t do what I was supposed to do.”

The Committee deliberated for approximately 100 minutes in closed session and decided not to order an audit of Kennedy’s campaign.

This closes the matter with no sanction. Kennedy will be eligible to run in the 2026 municipal election or any by-elections prior to it.

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  1. Fantastic last name for a political candidate! Kennedy!

    If she were in a higher lead, these issues would have been more drastic, but as it stands, I think she has done everything she could to apologize and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I am not a fan of public crucifixions anyways.

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