A City of Hamilton map showing the provincially imposed urban boundary expansion areas of Elfrida, White Church Road, Twenty Road East, Twenty Road West areas Credit: HANDOUT / City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton is launching a time-limited public consultation on principles for creating Secondary Plans for the provincially imposed urban boundary expansions on the South Mountain.

The City of Hamilton is rushing to get ahead of developers to begin secondary planning in six provincially imposed urban boundary expansion areas. The City wants to control the density and type of development in these new areas. New provincial regulations allow developers to conduct secondary planning.

The City’s consultation includes suggested high-level “foundation directions for secondary planning,” which includes climate change action, resilience, effective land use, complete transportation, and complete communities.

Public comments are open until May 23, 2023, on the Engage Hamilton Portal.

Two in-person open houses will be held.

May 17, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Hamilton Central Library, 55 York Blvd

May 26, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Mount Hope Community Centre, 3027 Homestead Drive


Hamilton City Council voted 13-3 in November 2021 to freeze Hamilton’s urban boundary. and require all new growth to be intensification.

Conservative MPP Donna Skelly quickly denounced the decision. In late March 2022, Skelly declared it “anti-housing”.

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark joined in, calling it “anti-housing.”

The Conservatives won the June 2, 2022 provincial election, adding a second seat in Hamilton with Neil Lumsden winning Hamilton East – Stoney Creek.

In November 2022, the provincial government overturned the boundary freeze and imposed new expansion areas. Shortly thereafter, the Conservatives introduced new laws allowing developments to apply for urban boundary expansions.

The City has already received an application from developers who are seeking to create their own Secondary Plans for the Twenty Road West area.

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