Hamilton City Hall in February 2022 Credit: Joey Coleman

Titan Recycling can continue operating its scrapyard in Freelton.

City Councillors on the Licensing Tribunal granted a three-month extension to Titan’s conditional operating license as both the company and City await a Superior Court hearing to determine the property’s zoning status.

Titan is challenging the decision of Hamilton’s Director of Licensing to deny their application to operate a salvage yard at the site. Titan argues the site has been continuously used for salvage operations, and the use is grandfathered legal non-conforming.

Titan’s conditional license, first issued over a year ago, limits hours of operation to weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., traffic management rules, dust management requirements, and visual barrier maintenance.

In testimony to Council today, the City’s bylaw department states Titan has met their conditions during around a dozen inspections with some exceptions.

Titan did not present a dust or traffic management plan on December 5, 2022.

Dan Campbell, a Licensing Compliance Officer, says he issued a “verbal warning” to Titan. When Campbell returned on December 7, the plans were provided.

During a April 5, 2023 inspection, Campbell says a Titan bin was “placed on the front boulevard” and a Titan truck “blocking the sidewalk.” Verbal warning were issued.

During this same inspection, a portion of the visual barrier on some fencing was missing. Titan states this was likely the result of wind storms.

Campbell states there has been compliance with the terms of the conditional license.

Councillors voted to allow staff to automatically grant conditional license extension if the Superior Court hearing is completed by July 28, pending the Court releasing its ruling.

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