Conceptual render for two tall buildings at 117 Jackson Street East as presented to the March 2023 Design Review Panel meeting Credit: HANDOUT

Should two proposed towers of thirty (30) and thirty-nine (39) storeys be allowed at 117 Jackson Street East, notwithstanding it does not meet the exact requirements of Hamilton’s Downtown Secondary Plan?

This is the question Hamilton’s Design Review Panel will contemplate this coming Thursday, March 9.

As first reported by TPR in July 2021, DiCenzo Construction Company initially pitched two towers of 42 and 38 storeys on the property.

Building Height

Both buildings exceed the escarpment height limit of the Downtown Secondary Plan (DTSP).

The 30-storey tower will abut Catharine Street on the west side of the property, with the taller 39-storey on the east side of the property.

“The proposed towers are greater than the geodetic height of the escarpment as measured between Queen Street and Victoria Avenue (geodetic building height of 209.77 m (east tower) and 183.22 m (west tower) whereas between 186.2 m and 190.2 m is permitted),” states the developer’s submission.

The developer notes that Landmark Place already blocks the view corridor to the escarpment.

Landmark Place, located directly north of the proposed development, is Hamilton’s tallest building at 127 metres tall with 43 floors.

The proposed 39-storey building will be 126.47 metres tall, including the mechanical penthouse.

Building Unit Mix

DiCenzo proposes 751 residential units with 366 car parking spaces, 388 indoor bicycle parking spots, and ground-level retail with a three-storey podium connecting the buildings.

497 apartments will be one-bedroom or bachelor units. 254 apartments will be two-bedroom units.

[Note: The developer’s urban design report states “apartments.”]

Shadow Issue

117 Jackson Street East shadow study showing shadow upon Prince’s Square on March 21st. The Downtown Secondary Plan states no new shadows are allowed to be cast upon the park.

The buildings will cast a shadow onto the park in front of the old Wentworth County Courthouse at 50 Main Street East.

Section of the DTSP states, “development shall not cast any net new shadow between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. as measured from March 21st to September 21st” upon this park, Prince’s Square.

An incremental shadow is cast upon a portion of the park until 10:50 a.m. on March 21st, and until 10:36 a.m. on September 21st.

The developer’s submission states, “the minimal shadow impact will not impact the park’s utility or useability and, as such, is adequately limited.”

Tower Separation

West looking conceptual render for two tall buildings at 117 Jackson Street East as presented to the March 2023 Design Review Panel meeting

The DTSP requires a minimum 25-metre separation between towers.

The proposal has a 24-metre separation from Landmark Place.

Wind Conditions

Amenity level summer wind conditions study for 117 Jackson Street East. As presented to the March 2023 Hamilton Design Review Panel

The wind study for the proposal shows higher than usual, while still within limitations, summer wind conditions for the planned rooftop amenity space.

During winter, the space will experience “uncomfortable” wind conditions.

Similarly, during winter, the alleyway to the north of the building and a spot to the building’s east will experience “uncomfortable” wind conditions.

The developer’s brief states, “wind conditions over pedestrian sensitive grade-level locations within and surrounding the study site will be acceptable for the intended uses on an annual and seasonal basis.”

Ground level winter wind conditions study for 117 Jackson Street East. As presented to the March 2023 Hamilton Design Review Panel

Sign Up to View the Design Review Panel Meeting

The DRP meeting begins at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 9. The public can view the meeting via WebEx Webinar at

Presentation materials and reports for the meeting will be posted on the City website.

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  1. I applaud more density and height in downtown Hamilton! It’s time Hamilton takes bold steps to fix its dilapidated city centre. One of the most important things to achieve that is to get more people living in our downtown. This brings employment and new business to the area to service the new residents. The place naturally becomes more vibrant due to people going about their daily lives. The streets become more animated and welcoming with shoppers and restaurants.
    In addition we maximize the use of our existing infrastructure and the anticipated LRT.
    Let’s go Hamilton be Bold!

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