4166 residents of Hamilton Centre cast ballots during advance voting, Election Ontario reported on Saturday.

This represents 5.2 percent of registered voters, a better advance voter turnout compared to recent Ontario provincial by-elections.

Advance voter turnout in the February 2020 Ottawa-Vanier and Orléans by-elections was 2.47 percent and 4.35 percent respectively.

Overall turnout in the February 2020 by-elections was 23.5 percent in Orléans and 19.9 percent in Ottawa-Vanier.

This represented approximately two-fifths of the turnout of the general elections.

Advance Turnout Increasing, Overall Turnout Decreasing

Recent elections at all levels have experienced record advance turnout but overall record low turnout.

There were approximately 1.07-million advance ballots cast in the 2022 Ontario provincial election earlier this year, up from 700,000 in 2018.

However, overall voter turnout plummed to 43.5%, setting a new all-time low.

Get Out the Vote

Hamilton Centre voters go to the polls on Thursday, March 16.

This week they’ll hear from candidates at the door and in the mail as campaigns try to identify and mobilize their voters.

Turnout in the 2022 Ontario general election was 37.94 percent in the riding, below the provincial average.

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  1. context to low turnouts: Hamilton Centre is the poorest electoral district in Ontario. the riding is full of economically precarious people who lack the economic wherewithal to challenge for time off work

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