Patio at Williams Fresh Cafe at Pier 8 on Hamilton's Waterfront Credit: John Piercy / Used with Permission

Update, Jan 11, 2023: the Trust Board met in closed session with lawyers and accountants. Direction was given. The direction remains confidential.

Original story follows.

The ongoing saga of the Hamilton Waterfront Trust – the City agency infamous for its secrecy and financial mismanagement – continues.

City Hall claims the Trust is a private corporation and is not required to be transparent to the public.

The Trust was created by the City of Hamilton, is entirely funded by the City of Hamilton, operates on City of Hamilton lands, and the Board is selected by City Hall.

Additionally, the Trust is given “management contracts” to oversee City capital projects on Pier 8. This is on top of the usual city project management processes.

Board Chair Bernie Mueller suddenly resigned on January 5, 2023.

Mueller is not the first Chair to unexpectedly and suddenly resign.

Last March, Board Chair Trent Jarvis unexpectedly resigned “effective immediately” and disassociated himself from the Trust.

In late 2017, facing public scrunity, Chair Bob Charters resigned.

Wednesday’s special meeting of the Waterfront Trust Board will discuss “Legal Advice Regarding the Status of the Board of the Hamilton Waterfront Trust.”

The motion to enter closed session will be streamed on the Waterfront Trust’s YouTube page.

The meeting is scheduled to be begin at 5:00 p.m.

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