Hamilton Design Review Panel to Discuss Delta Redevelopment

Hamilton’s Design Review Panel will review the redevelopment plans for the Delta Secondary School site, 1284 Main Street East, during their January meeting this Thursday.

The meeting will begin at 1:30 pm. The public can view the meeting via a WebEx Webinar. Link here: https://thecityofhamilton.webex.com/thecityofhamilton/j.php?MTID=ma37258953da03016462d8f5fa6b6c0d3

The official description for the review is “proposed Multi-residential development & adaptive re-use of the former Delta Secondary School at 1284 Main Street East in Hamilton.

As first reported by TPR on June 2, 2022, the developers’ early concept vision was for 708 residential units on the site.

583 units in two 14-storey residential buildings and two 11-story buildings behind the existing former school building.

78 units within the existing heritage designated Delta Secondary building.

51 three-storey townhouses were proposed along Graham Avenue, Maple Avenue, and Wexford Avenue.

The updated plans are not yet posted. The new City of Hamilton website has ongoing issues that delays the posting of public documents to it.

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