Hamilton's Downtown looking east from 25 Main Street West in early 2018 Credit: Joey Coleman

The Ontario Land Tribunal appeals of Hamilton’s 2017 Commercial Mixed Use Zoning Bylaw continues to progress slowly.

A new procedural order was issued today, following a November 24 hearing.

64 Main Street East

In a procedural ruling issued today, OLT Vice-Chair Scott Tousaw set six days for the zoning appeal of the 64 Main Street East site.

This contested hearing will begin on October 10, 2023.

The issues list is not yet finalized. Bankruptcy sale documents for the property indicated parking standards in the new CMZ Bylaw as an issue.

Other Properties

The Vice-Chair granted more time for 64 Main Project LP, Marz Homes Holdings Inc., and Royal Connaught Inc. to continue negotiations with the City of Hamilton to settle their outstanding issues.

“Rolanco Network Inc. was not in attendance and the City advised that it has not received communications from this Appellant over the past two years” with the Tribunal stating it may dismiss the appeal if they do not submit response to the order.

The Tribunal is directing the remaining appellants to file written request for hearing, supported by either a draft settlement document or a PO, including a scoped Issues List by March 31, 2023.

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