A screen capture of the 2013 CCTV video footage which shows the sewage dropping into the stormwater pipe below. Credit: HANDOUT / City of Hamilton

The fallout from Hamilton’s latest sewage leak continues.

Ontario’s Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks David Piccini says his Ministry will issue an order “to audit its entire sewage infrastructure.”

Piccini was responding to a statement by Flamborough-Glanbrook MPP Donna Skelly during the Legislative Assembly Question Period today. [YouTube Link]

“It appears that the system of due diligence and oversight was lacking for an extended period of time, the people of Hamilton deserve better regarding their critical water infrastructure system,” Skelly says.

Minister Piccini says he “had a very good conversation with the new mayor of Hamilton” and he “commends” Andrea Horwath for “being transparent with the people of Hamilton.”

He and the mayor “agree” on the need for transparency and action.

The Minister says the order will require Hamilton to “come up with a remediation plan to clean this mess up.”

“We’re going to work closely with the new mayor and the city of Hamilton to address this so that this never happens again.”

In a 2:10 pm email, the City of Hamilton says it has not yet received the order. The Minister stated in the Legislative Assembly that Ministry staff are preparing the order.

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