2 thoughts on “Andrea Horwath Sends First Mayoral Campaign Email to Surprise of Many Recipients

  1. I can’t vote for her. There is no phone number to her campaign office. When you phone her constituency office it is by appointment only. What is an real insult is that people from outside of her area are not permitted to speak or visit her. So it tells me if she is elected mayor the councillors doors are to be closed. That is really going to be sad.

  2. I find it very interesting when I read articles in the newspaper regarding getting housing built in Hamilton and the reasons given as to why it isnt happening . Ive been around a long time and dealt with the City for many years. Everyone knows or should know that plans to develop or build a structure of any kind are designed ,inspected , and always stamped by engineers. There is absaloutly no reason for a City plan examiner to hold up these plans for any reason other than the City union saying thats how it has to be done. Plan examineers have maybe 1-2 years education and engineers who design these structures of any kind specialize in that structure to be built and usually have enormous education behind them as well as supervisors at their company to go over the information. Every knows that once the Engineer has embossed his stamp on the drawings he is ultumetly responsable for the project. Once the City checks the information they have then put themselves legally at risk of litigation. Its also a known fact that there are people working at City hall that empower themselves to decide which plans or projects will be put at the top of the pile which of course huge developers come first , residential customers second and low income or geared to income developers are last. The solution is extremely simple. except the outside engineers stamped plans for permits and even look at those plans at City hall when available to do so. To even suggest that City employees have expierience superior to “certified engineers ” is ludicris . Its also well known that Hamilton cant keep anyone in the planning dept for any period of time because of the beurocracy stigma . Apparently from what ive been recently told the staff leave constantly and then the new staff have to start all over on the project setting it back months. This can all be solved by simply excepting ” Certified Engineers and stamped ” drawings and even inspected by those Engineers. I’m sure the workers at City hall will be very happy with this solution and also freeing up enormous hours to carry on business . Project building permits can be issued soley on the stamped and certified plans provided by the Engieers. No need to wait for City employees to do anything. Hopefully this is read by Andrea and not simply forgotten? TY