6 thoughts on “James North Tivoli Property and Centre Point Plaza Purchased by Same Developer

  1. A lot to digest, but if the requirement of retaining the theatre auditorium aspect of the project is in place, let’s get shovels in the ground. Glad to see that the local councillor has been on top of this for seven years.

    • Yes, the auditorium is protected both by the existing zoning and the Heritage Act designation.

    • “on top of” meaning he didn’t do much. The proposal didn’t get built which he fought to skip staff recommendations for.

  2. I find the retention of the stand alone residential dwelling curious, any thoughts?

    • This was part of the 2015 zoning amendment. I do not know much more than that.
      It will be interesting to see if this is amended as part of the new application package when it is filed.
      I’ll say that it is a challenging land sliver on the property.

  3. Heritage Designation under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act doesn’t seem to mean much these days….deterioration in the condition of a heritage – designated building – possibly helped along by interested parties – can eliminate inconvenient obstacles to development….keep an eye out on this and other properties….