Hamilton City Hall west face Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

Three Hamilton City Councillors voted against the confidential direction given to the City’s lawyers during Friday’s closed session.

Councillors Maureen Wilson, John-Paul Danko, and Brad Clark voted against the direction.

Councillors Jason Farr, Russ Powers (Ward 5), Tom Jackson, Esther Pauls, Maria Pearson, Brenda Johnson, Arlene Vanderbeek, and Mayor Fred Eisenberger all voted in favour.

In past City Hall coverups and scandals, Wilson, Danko, and Clark have voted differently than the Old Guard political faction.

The Municipal Act forbids Wilson, Danko, and Clark from explaining why they voted differently than the rest of Council.

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  1. Looks like Russ Powers voting with the majority instead of standing on his one 2 feet and doing what’s right! One reason a councillor for his ward should have been elected not appointed!

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