Reading the Landlord and Tenant Board rulings for Hamilton released this week, I find myself struck by the cases involving long-term rental tenants.

A few examples:

  • The monthly rent is $949, with a rental deposit of around $800. The “below market” rate and the differential between the present and deposit indicate a long-term tenancy.
  • A downtown apartment at $1050 per month, a deposit of $1000.
  • East Hamilton apartment at $782 per month, a deposit of $725. This ruling states the tenancy began in 2015.

Each of these cases – based upon the determinations of the Board – involves many months of unpaid rent with the tenants not responding to documents attempting to arrange a payment plan.

4 replies on “BLOG: A brief note on the LTB and Hamilton rents”

  1. I don’t understand what all that means from 2015.
    What is the yearly percentage of annual increase in rent?

  2. Its rediculous how many people have stiffed the landlords with covid. The province makes rules and landlords suffer from it. They will never see a dime thats owed. Its not that the poor arent needy they are just always loiking for ways to cheat the system for their own gain. When you have nothing you have nothing to lose..its should be treated as such..or theft.. Maybe if there were consequences things would change..

  3. Those prices are old because Downtown 🌃 $1,500/$1,800 per month us utilities
    Hamilton is ranked 3rd
    ( #1 Vancouver, #2 Toronto) in the most expensive cities to live in North America.

    1. I think you mean least affordable (compared to avg. income), not most expensive. You couldn’t rent a garbage can for $1800/mo in New York or Chicago.

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