Passengers disembark the first train into West Harbour as GO begins all-day train service to Hamilton. Credit: Joey Coleman

All-day GO Train service finally arrived in Hamilton this morning. All-day service from the West Harbour on James Street North now operates seven days a week.

The first train arrived shortly after 8:00 am this morning with approximately six passengers disembarking at the station and departed at 8:13 am with approximately 18 passengers on board.

The first hourly all-day GO train serving West Harbour station arrives at 8:00am on August 7, 2021

This is a promising start to all-day service at the station. Prior to COVID, four trains left during the morning rush hour each day, with 81 average passengers total on the four trains.

On weekdays, trains depart West Harbour at 13 minutes past the hour beginning just after 5:00 am and runs past 10:00 pm (05:13, 06:13 … 21:13, 22:13).

Departure Board at Hamilton’s West Harbour GO Train station on the morning of August 7, 2021 as hourly service begins at the station.

Weekday return trips from Toronto Union depart at 45 minutes past the hour with the first trip leaving at 06:45 am and the final train at 11:45 pm (06:45, 07:45 … 22:45, 23:45).

On weekends, the last trains operate an hour later with the final train out of West Harbour leaving for Toronto at 23:13, and the final train from Toronto Union leaving for West Harbour at 00:45.

Travel time is one hour and 17 minutes. The full schedule is here.

A passenger boarding the GO Train at West Harbour on August 7, 2021


The first hourly all-day GO train leaves the West Harbour Station at 8:13am on August 7, 2021

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