“No, I don’t want to be Mayor of Hamilton”, Catharine McKenna stated directly to CHCH News in an interview recorded Monday.

“I think Hamilton is great. But [I’m] taking a break from politics, I’m just trying to figure out where I can make the most difference.”

“I’m thinking a bit about how I can make a difference globally.  … We’re seeing what’s happening in DC, with these massive fires that are literally torching communities in the space of hours. So we need to be focused. And that’s something I’m really passionate on. And I just really want to make a difference on what I believe is the most important issue [climate change] going forward.”

During the past week, Catharine McKenna’s tweets feel like she is running for Mayor of Hamilton.

Tuesday at the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, Saturday tweeting in support of the Stop Sprawl HamOnt campaign, Friday swimming in Lake Ontario, King William Street on Wednesday, and Hamilton greenery earlier in the day.

People are tweeting in support of the idea. Last Monday, I wrote a few small paragraphs about the idea and why being Mayor of Hamilton is a good place to address climate change – I did decide it unlike McKenna would run.

We will see what happens in the coming year. It is premature for any mayoral candidate to declare. I will be watching.