2 thoughts on “Hamilton’s DRP Praises Plan for Three Tall Buildings Downtown at John and Wilson

  1. While there are many precedents for this type of corner site with a heritage attribute like an old church – look no further than Bloor and Avenue in Toronto – I agree that a more sympathetic podium and setback would benefit the development. Underground parking is a must. DT Hamilton is an ocean of surface lots as it is. This desperately needs to change and underground parking is the best option. 900 units will inject a great deal of vibrancy into the core. Another “must” ought to be a solid bay of 4-5 retail stalls at grade. Throw in a coffee shop, yoga studio, book store, restaurant, etc. to add some pedestrian flair to the area. Time for the recent success of James Street to spill east and west as the core fills out.

  2. This developer is saying some helpful things, that they want a space for families in their building instead of just studio and 1 bedroom units, that they want to preserve some nearby architecture, that they want to contribute to mixed use and efficient space usage, but what can the public point to as concrete proof this isn’t all just to grease the wheels of their development? What’s to say they won’t be just another poorly built building that makes its money and leaves it’s residents with the aftermath, or worse, another in a long line of developments that give up and leave ruins in their wake?