The Province of Ontario announced $18,681,919 in new COVID support funding for the City of Hamilton in a press release this morning.

These funds are additional to $16,822,206 announced earlier this week for public transit COVID costs.

Hamilton City Hall is awaiting official word regarding $111-million in joint federal/provincial COVID funding commitments due to expire on March 31st. The City has not spent the funds and is seeking to continue to have the funds available for the remainder of the pandemic.

One reply on “Province Sends Hamilton $18.7-mil in new COVID Support Funds”

  1. Ok lets see here, taxes are going up 2.5 % and now the city is expecting almost $20,000,000 dollars. Let’s just see how these funds are going to be grossly misappropriated. The homeless problem is rampant and is a major health concern and the only concern with the city councillors is knocking buildings down to build condo eyesores! I know this will be taken down but the truth is always suppressed by the media!

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