One thought on “Hamilton Chamber of Commerce: Keep the Greenbelt, Expand into Whitebelt

  1. This article accurately portrays the potential that Hamilton has at its disposal if it is though out and planned strategically. Hamilton is next in line for tremendous economic growth that other GTHA municipalities have enjoyed over the last number of decades. To maximize the City’s potential, planners need to envision a “mature city state” that would leverage growth with economic expansion involving all the tools and resources available including all white belt lands. In the past few years, Hamilton has been the recipient of growth given the availability of relatively affordable housing. This advantage is rapidly disappearing given a shrinking land supply and the white belt lands are needed now. Employment growth and the provision of a full range of housing types (from affordable to attainable and executive forms) is strongly linked and this be recognized in the current GRIDS 2 exercise. The post-covid
    era is about to arrive with significant growth and economic opportunities. Is the City of Hamilton ready?