Drawings presented to the Hamilton Committee of Adjustment for 315B Aberdeen Avenue Credit: Handout

Neighbouring property owners and the owner of 315B Aberdeen Avenue have reached a settlement regarding minor variances.

There was strong neighbourhood opposition to the 315B owner’s application for minor variances, with two dozen delegations opposing the proposal when it was heard by Hamilton’s Committee of Adjustment (CoA) in late June 2020.

The CoA approved the application at a later meeting, having conducted a site visit.

Neighbours appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. In December, the appealing neighbours and 315B owner reached a settlement.

LPAT issued approval this week.

The deal requires that the 315B Aberdeen property be merged with 293 Aberdeen on title, (315B is set back in an alleyway adjacent to 293 and other properties), a height limit on the new two-storey home of 8.5 metres, and rules on setbacks and windows to give privacy protections to properties west of the site.

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