Hamilton COVID weekly incidence rate graph for Monday, January 12, 2020. The rate is approximately 143 Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

It is bad news day in Ontario as the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table will release the projections they shared with Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The Advisory Table press conference included the release of new projections – shared with the Ontario Cabinet last week. I have summarized the slides with a Hamilton focus here.

Premier Doug Ford announced new measures to try to lower the spread of COVID in Ontario. Details, the written rules, are expected Wednesday morning

Local Numbers

New case counts in the past five days have decreases from the peaks experienced last week. This brings down the Weekly Incidence Rate to approximately 143.0 today, from a peak of 181.4 on Friday. It will be a few more days before we can say if this is a trend, or if it is a momentarily decrease with a new peak to come.

The peaks of recent weeks will result in a wave of hospitalizations in the coming weeks, and it is hospital capacity which is the primary concern of experts at this time.

Hamilton Public Health is clearing a backlog of old case files, which is why the active case count dropped 399 in their update to 1029. The peak, on January 5, was 1714 active cases.

Today: Tuesday, January 12, 2021

New Cases: 86
Cumulative Total of Cases: 7555
New Deaths: 2
Cumulative Total of Deaths: 202

Weekly Incidence Rate: 143.0 (Based upon a population estimate of 589,000 for Hamilton)

Source: Ontario Open Data

Active Cases: 1029  (Hamilton Public Health)


Hamilton Public Health reports 13 more Hamiltonians have been hospitalized in the last daily reporting period.

Hamilton Health Sciences is reporting 90 COVID patients, an increase of 10 from yesterday. HHS is no longer providing the number in Intensive Care.

St. Joseph’s Hamilton is reporting 25 COVID patients, a decrease of 5 from yesterday.

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  1. We are doing pretty good with new case of only 80 and some new cases that is doing very well for Hamilton go to show the vaccine is doing it job a guy volunteer part-time at Grace Villa nursing home moving food cart award and picking them up and bring them back down to the kitchen and and handling incoming deliveries one special one delivery of the vaccine then when they finish vaccinating
    last resident then exactly all the staff and volunteers including me about 2 weeks down and next month well second week next month I get my second dose

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