Lime commercial e-scooters in Edmonton, Alberta Credit: Male Mack / Taproot Edmonton (CC-BY-SA)

Hamilton City Council may legalize kick-style electric scooters next week. City staff are recommending the legalization of the smaller style e-scooters and electric assistance bicycles with maximum speeds of 24 kilometres/hour.
If adopted, e-scooters will be permitted on local roads, on-street bike lanes, multi-use trails adjacent to road ways, and some “key trails that provide a community connection benefit, are sufficiently wide and routinely maintained (and signed for use)”.
E-Scooters will be forbidden from us in parks, unless the City signs a route for use. The fine for operating in a park will be $100.
The City is proposing fines of between $75 to $100 for violations of e-scooter regulations.
A separate staff report will come forth in early 2021 regarding commercial e-scooter operations, such as e-scooter sharing services. A temporary by-law prohibiting commercial e-scooter operations is recommended to Council. (The temporary by-law includes stiff fines of $246.01 per e-scooter to discourage commercial operators from violating it)
If passed by Council, the new regulations will come into effect on December 16, 2020. If Council decides to not pass the proposed regulations, e-scooters will remain forbidden in Hamilton.

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