0 thoughts on “Farr to Metrolinx: Resume QEW Express Service Between Hamilton and Toronto

  1. I’d love to see the express buses restored some day, but not now. Increased travel between two Covid-19 hotspots is not a good idea.
    I hope Farr isn’t responding to pressure from alt-right groups or anti-maskers wanting to move more freely. His comments about the double decker buses don’t make sense. He obviously hasn’t much knowledge or insight into accessibility.
    I’ve navigated public transit on crutches and with a leg brace, and find the double decker buses far more accessible than the single deckers. The doors are close to street level, and there is a retractable ramp for wheelchairs. The lower level is reconfigurable. To allow social distancing, the seats have been moved farther apart, and plexiglass dividers have been installed between seats on many buses.
    The single decker buses have three steps at the entrance. Wheelchair users have to enter via a retractable lift that rarely works. Seats are closer together and there are no plexiglass dividers. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, the first three rows are blocked off with bars and chains. These used to be the “accessible” seats for disabled passengers, but now they’re a hazard for visually impaired riders.
    Even if Farr is sincere in his concern, this is not the time to restore the express buses. Maybe he’s just being realistic and starting the process early, knowing how slowly governments move.