A photo from the 2008 Mum Show Credit: John Piercy / Used with Permission

The City of Hamilton is eliminating admission fees for the 2020 Mum Show at the Gage Park Greenhouses due to COVID reducing the size and scope of the event this year.
Hamilton City Council’s Public Works Committee voted unanimously today to eliminate admission fees this year, citing the hardships of COVID both financial and non-financial upon Hamiltonians
This year’s event will see reduced capacity, and no interactive programming or activities to facilitate social distancing. There will be no cafe this year.
Tickets will be available to reserve online, say City staff in an update to City Council, and while people can line-up for walk-up tickets; there is no guarantee of walk-up admission.
The 2020 Mum Show is the 100th year for the popular event, officially called the “Fall Garden and Chrysanthemum Show” but known as the Mum Show. Plans to mark the 100th anniversary are delayed until after COVID.
City Councillors expressed hope that the Province of Ontario will consider the elimination of admission fees as a COVID related expense, and will reimburse the City of Hamilton for lost revenue.
The event usually attracted 15,000 visitors over 10 days.
The Mum Show will run from Friday, October 23 to Sunday, November 1. More information on the City of Hamilton website here.

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