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The City of Hamilton has formally requested the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal to adjourn a planned prehearing on the appeals of Hamilton’s new Commercial Mixed Use Zoning until at least July as appellants continue to negotiation with each other and the City.
On March 25, 2019, there were 21 appellants remaining, with 18 of them standing on their own, and three “sheltered” under the issues of one of the 18 standalone parties.
With many of the 21 appellants sharing similar grounds of appeal, and a fair number of the appellants having filed appeals to protect their interests, the lawyers involved are attempted to organizing into groups based upon the issues.
Lawyer for the City of Hamilton, Joanna Wice, wrote to the Tribunal on Wednesday stating “a number of appellants have engaged with the City on a without prejudice basis, and there are varying degrees of discussions that are underway to determine whether resolutions are possible.  Recently, a further series of meetings with other appellants has been scheduled in June to discuss those appeals and whether negotiation or mediation is warranted.”
The Tribunal emailed all appellants on Friday, stating to them the Tribunal is considering the City’s adjournment request, and they have until close of business on April 2 to comment. Following this, the Tribunal will rule on the adjournment request.
As of Monday April 1, 10am, ten of the appellants have submitted support for the adjournment.

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