Mayoral candidate Edward Graydon is attacking mayoral candidate Vito Sgro on social media, referring to Sgro as an “overweight midget”.
Graydon’s behaviour in the past has been questionable, and the list of incidents in which he’s been involved is lengthy. A scuffle in 2010, the Matthew Green press conference incident of 2017, and yelling at staff within City Hall.
Graydon’s latest attacks degrade our civic discourse, and harm the quality of our election.
His comments are entirely inappropriate, and have no place in our election.
The mission of The Public Record is simple, to provide informed coverage of Hamilton’s communities and civic affairs to enable all residents to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship by ensuring a more transparent, good civic government that is accountable to all residents of Hamilton.
Providing Edward Graydon with a platform to attack and demean other candidates is contrary to our mission.
Therefore, as Editor of The Public Record, I’ve decided that Mr. Graydon will not be interviewed as part of The 155 Election Podcast.
The Public Record remains committed to interviewing as many mayoral candidates as possible.
Two other mayoral candidates have disqualifying qualities. Paul Fromm is a white supremacist, and Ricky Tavares is a sexist. The Public Record is not covering either of them.