Louie Milojevic is running for Ward 10 Hamilton City Councillor in the 2018 Hamilton Municipal Election. Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

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Louie Milojevic is running for Ward 10 Hamilton City Councillor in the 2018 Hamilton Municipal Election.
Milojevic answered eleven questions, you can hear them all be listening above or downloading this episode.
Below are bullet point summaries of Milojevic’s responses to some of the shorter questions.
Two priorities for Ward 10:

  • Addressing Rising Property and Auto Crime – increase the Hamilton Police Service’s commitment to community policing.
  • Bring Ward 10’s Voice Back to the Council Chamber – Milojevic’s says the incumbent Councillor is an “administrator” who is not bring the rural/suburban voice to City Council debate, and not providing the leadership expected of a Councillor overseeing the Corporation of the City of Hamilton.

Two City-Wide Priorities:

  • Bring a Rural / Suburban Perspective to City Council – Milojevic says bringing a rural / suburban experience to City Council decision making.

Two Changes to Improve City Services:

  • Improve the City’s Workplace Culture – The City of Hamilton’s ranks among the worst companies in the last full Denison survey the City conducted. Milojevic wishes to address employee health and moral to see improvements in the organization.
  • Improve City Employee Moral to Increase Performance and Outcomes.

Two Changes to Improve Quality of Life:

  • Free Transit for Seniors Over the Age of 65 – Milojevic says seniors have earned the right to free transit.
  • Free Financial Literacy Programs for Youth – Milojevic says that youth people are not receiving financial literacy education in school, and this is a service he wishes to implement by the City to assist young people in starting out in life well.

Rank Balloting

  • Supports Ranked Ballots. Milojevic says ranked balloting will give voters “a greater democratic voice and better representation”

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