Maria Pearson Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

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Maria Pearson is running for reelection as Ward 10 Hamilton City Councillor in the 2018 Hamilton Municipal Election.
Pearson answered eleven questions, you can hear them all be listening above or downloading this episode.
Below are bullet point summaries of Pearson’s responses to some of the shorter questions.
Two priorities for Ward 10:

  • Ongoing Infrastructure Improvements
  • Transit Enhancements

Two City-Wide Priorities:

  • Ongoing Infrastructure Improvements
  • Transit Enhancements

Two Changes to Improve City Services:

  • Real-time Data and Information to the Public
  • Multi-Year Budgeting

Two Changes to Improve Quality of Life:

  • Improve Cycling Lanes
  • Improve Traffic Flow

Rank Balloting

  • Opposes ranked balloting. Pearson does not believe it will improve voter turnout and “does not view it as democratic”.

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