Jeff Beattie Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

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Jeff Beattie is running for Ward 10 Hamilton City Councillor in the 2018 Hamilton Municipal Election.
Beattie answered eleven questions, you can hear them all be listening above or downloading this episode.
Below are bullet point summaries of Beattie’s responses to some of the shorter questions. There are tougher questions to which the answers are best listened to.
Two priorities for Ward 10:

  • Improve Delivery of City Services: Wants Stoney Creek to “get its fair share”.
  • Make sure the perspectives of all communities in Ward 10 are heard.

Two City-Wide Priorities:

  • Unify Hamilton as a Whole: Beattie plans to bring his team-building approach and experience on as the Ward 9 & 10 Trustee on the Hamilt0n-Wentworth District School Board, Beattie wants to see unity in the communities and bring an end to the divisiveness that has occurred between communities which followed amalgamation.
  • Addressing the City’s Infrastructure and Transit Deficit: Beattie says he wishes to increase infrastructure funding and address HSR transit shortcomings.

Two Changes to Improve City Services:

  • Continuous Improvement: Beattie wishes to see an implementation of continuous improvement following the City’s priorities and strategic vision.

Two Changes to Improve Quality of Life:

  • Holding Services to their Intended Outcome: building upon continuous improvement to ensure Hamilton is the best place to raise a family.

Rank Balloting

  • Supportive towards ranked balloting – wants to make sure that local representation is at the forefront of any electoral reform, and that the City of Hamilton needs to be a better job of voter education and engagement.

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