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Joey’s Opening Note: LED and Student Politics

The intersection of student politics and LED lighting may not seem interesting on the surface, but it does provide us an opportunity to explore the growth in the relationship between McMaster Students Union (MSU) and Hamilton City Hall.
As some of you know I was a higher education reporter for Maclean’s and contributor to The Globe and Mail for the first four years of my journalism career, I read platforms from hundreds of student politicians, and often remarked ” you can only say free tuition so many ways”.
Rare is the student politician with an original platform plank, MSU President Elect Ikram Farah‘s LED lighting plank is one of those ones:
“Students have identified the need for increased lighting in low-traffic areas on campus as well as in off campus student-populated areas. The issue at hand is that poor lighting, broken lights and lack of light poles are contributing to the safety of students on and off campus. The City of Hamilton is currently beginning to upgrade street lighting on residential streets throughout the city over the next three years. However, while in office, the MSU will prioritize working with the Hamilton municipal government to implement more LED lighting on campus and off campus within the next year.”
I read this platform and immediately started looking into how it could be implemented. Turns out, LED light installation in Ward 1 is happening this summer. However, this was not obvious to me, and even staff I talked to didn’t know this.
LED light installation on side-streets started in Downtown Hamilton this year – in large part because it’s a “pedestrian priority area”. In hindsight, City Hall should treat Ainslie Wood and Westdale with the same pedestrian priority lenses. When they failed to, as a journalist, I should’ve caught this oversight and asked why. I failed to catch this.
How did LED lighting become a student politics platform?
Two years ago the McMaster Silhouette started covering how City Hall impacts students. This coverage help inspire student politicians to creating a new position, Associate Vice President Municipal Affairs in 2017, to lead their advocacy efforts at City Hall.
With the MSU engaged on “bread and butter” issues like this, they will see increasing results from their advocacy. Quite a change in only two years time.

Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring hosting Glen Murray at RBG next Wednesday

Free! Former Winnipeg Mayor and former Ontario Environment Minister, now Executive Director of the Pembina Institute Glen Murray will speak next Wednesday evening about “Why Mid-Sized Cities Will be Sustainability Leaders”. Tickets are free, but limited. RSVP here.

Canada’s Ambassador to the US in Hamilton Next Friday

Canada’s top representative in Washington, Ambassador David MacNaughton will speak to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s AGM next Friday at the Sheraton during a luncheon from 12:00 to 1:30pm. His schedule is not yet public for the day, it is likely he’ll meet with local officials about steel and aluminum tarrifs, and with the City’s economic development office about cross-border trade.
Tickets for the luncheon are on sale from the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, at $60/$70 each.

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