0 thoughts on “OMB Will Review Council’s Potential Conflict on Pier 8 as Both Approving Authority and Land Seller

  1. Glad to hear the OMB is standing up for us residents here in the North End. The proposed city development would destroy the fabric of the community I have lived in for over 40 years.

  2. A very good discussion is taking place about the future of the Discovery Centre and the lands upon which it sits. The Centre was really a victim of the previous government’s indifference to its operation, followed by the mishandling that occurred under the Waterfront Trust. The Randle Reef project now fully underway will bring a new and positive image to the harbour for which an interpretive centre could be developed as a significant new attraction for our City. Hamilton has made too many mistakes in the past regarding land use because of hasty ill-informed decisions that will not work for the best long-term benefit of the city. There is no question about the value of the site to various interests, but in my opinion it should be maintained and developed as a legacy project, accessible forever to all residents.