HSR articulated buses deployed on Stoney Creek local routes with overloaded 40' 1-King bus in background on August 29, 2017 Credit: Joey Coleman / The Public Record

HSR Manager of Transit Fleet Maintenance Mark Selkirk says the HSR is hoping to have eight articulated buses currently awaiting parts back on the road in three weeks.

Selkirk says the buses are awaiting replacement parts from engine manufacturer Cummins which recently changed its distribution channels – causing delays in the HSR receiving engines needed for warranty repairs on the 60 foot buses.
The loss of articulated buses comes as the HSR system is in crisis as the result of Council putting in place a temporary hiring freeze earlier in the year, and cutting the 10-Year Transit Plan.
The HSR has failed to put thousands of hours of scheduled bus service on the road in October, with cuts causing bypasses across the City. Buses on the 10 B-Line and 51-University have seen capacity cut in half as 40′ Nova buses replace articulated buses, only worsening the impact on HSR passengers.