Hamilton’s licensing division announced changes this week to allow Food Trucks to pay an annual Park Permit fee of $200 to set up in eight major city parks: Bayfront Park, Confederation Park, Gage Park, Heritage Green Park, Pier 4 Park, Sam Lawrence Park, Turner Park, and Valley Park.
Park Permit holding food trucks will also be allowed to setup outside of the civic stadium at Cannon and Melrose during Ticat home games “on a first come, first served basis”.
The game day permits are limited to three food trucks per game, and a food truck is only allowed to set up for a maximum of three games per season.
All the game day permits have been booked for the Ticats regular season. A process for permits if the Ticats make the playoffs has not been announced.
On social media, Hamilton food trucks expressed delight at the rule changes with many posting photos of their new permits.