A long dormant liaison committee – conceived in 2009 but never implemented – is holding its first meeting this week as the Hamilton Port Authority and City Council look to improve their relationship following the clash in the previous two years over the Port Fuels waste-to-energy plant proposal.
The City and Port indirectly battled over jurisdiction with the City saying the Port Fuels proposal was not allowed under City bylaws and the Hamilton Port Authority backing the proposal behind the scenes hinting the HPA felt the project was exempt from City bylaws on HPA lands.
With the Liaison Committee, both sides plan to work on a Land Use Plan update and a Community Energy Project.
The meeting is Thursday August 11 at 10:30am in Room 264 of City Hall and is open to the public. (City Council is meeting in Public Works committee at the same time and The Public Record will not able able to cover this Liaison Committee meeting)
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