0 thoughts on “HSR Added Service on NYE, Without Twitter, Couldn't Tell Anyone

  1. Citywide, we need a social media relations and web updates person for HSR.
    It does not have to be an elaborate website, and could simply be a Goohle Maps embed, Google Transit search, and a media page. Because HSR does at least make data available to Google, I can slap together a simplistic HSR Transit website literally for free nowadays, that could compete with just any municipal transit website.
    Keep the laundry list simple, say “Please use embeds where possible, such as embedding Google Transit Search, to avoid reinventing the wheel”
    So given a small bit of funding, city could do something official and relatively basic, then hire a full time news/social media/communications guy like @bradTTC (TTC) or @femwriter (GO Transit).

    • Both of those communications persons are the managers of customer service communications at their respective agencies.

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