Rendering of Hamilton's Proposed LRT looking west at the intersection of King Street East and Wellington Street. Credit: Handout / City of Hamilton

I can’t think of the anytime Hamiltonians weren’t divided on a LRT decision, but this week’s confirmation that Metrolinx will be make all the decisions about, build, and operate Hamilton’s new LRT is attracting no dissent in Hamilton.
Not even a comment about dreaded Toronto bureaucrats making decisions in Hamilton.
And why would there be dissent?
Among LRT advocates, Metrolinx is already the saviour who descended from Toronto to give Hamilton LRT despite all the fumbling of the file by City Hall since 2010.
LRT opponents are resigned to the thing being built.
For City Council, they can’t lose.
All criticism during construction can be directed to Metrolinx, in advance of construction, Council can complain to Metrolinx and position themselves without the burden of responsibly to make construction work.
King Street blocked for construction? “We warned Metrolinx to not to that!” can be the response of City Council.
If they had to be responsible for the building of the LRT, Council would need to explain the necessity of construction closures.
If things are working, Council can claim credit by saying it is the result of their input.
Either way, Council can’t lose.
So, at the end of the day, Council is relieved of the burden of responsible governance, Hamilton gets LRT, and the Province is assured that its largest economic development project in Hamilton will be firmly controlled by Metrolinx.