The OPP is not proceeding to charges related to Mr. Lloyd Ferguson’s assault against myself on February 26, 2014 which occurred in the public foyer of Council Chambers at City Hall.
The OPP must weigh numerous factors in determining whether to prosecute offences and I agree with their decision that public interest is not best served by using court time and resources on this matter.
The OPP concluded that Mr. Ferguson’s actions were wrong and unjustified.
I wish to thank my fellow Hamiltonians for their support and both the Hamilton Police Service, and the Ontario Provincial Police for their professionalism.
Though I respect how these events have concluded, I do request that Council consider formal action to rescind former Integrity Commissioner Mr. Basse’s flawed report, a report that has been widely criticized , and a report that untruthfully maligns my character. I hope to work with staff to see this action taken.
Where these events might undermine public confidence in our civic government and civilian oversight of policing, increasing cynicism and disengagement, I implore the public to stay engaged with an inquisitive eye on City Hall.
My final message is thank everyone for your support. The strong support from the community is what enables me to continue my work.