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Councillors voted to deny a severance request at 12 McDonald Court in Flamborough and deferred a decision on the City covering 65 percent of the cost of Hess Village police paid duty fees.
Councillors wish to have an update on paid duty costs, the necessity of the extra officers, and alternatives to sworn police officers. The matter will return to the next Planning Committee meeting on June 16.
The meeting took just under one hour, with the closed session item removed from the agenda to give staff more time to provide a comprehensive report to the Councillors.

Prior to Meeting Version
On the agenda is a follow up to last year’s audit claim of 684 potential unlicensed businesses (spoiler: there were only 27 in that 684), City staff are recommending denial of a severance request in older Waterdown, and ratification of Heritage Award recommendations.
Councillors will go into closed session for a “proposed settlement of appeals of Flamborough Power Centre Inc., Flamborough South Centre Inc. and Clappison Five Six Properties Inc. et al”