Mayor Fred Eisenberger made a claim that I engaged in false, incomplete reporting today when I stated on Twitter that he was unable to attend a meeting.

“Mayor @FredEisenberger not able to attend Physician Sub-Cmte mtg. Chris Cutler from his office observing for Mayor’s Office. #YHMgov”
The Mayor responded by stating:
“@JoeyColeman Thank you for sharing Joey. You might also add ,as a ” fair and balanced”  reporter that I am on staycation. #hamOnt”

The Concern

I’m not sure if the Mayor’s complaint is that I stated he was “not able” to attend the meeting or that I failed to include that he was on vacation.

The Facts

  • Mayor Fred Eisenberger is a member of the Physician Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee as a Council appointment. (This is not an ex-officio appointment)
  • Mayor Eisenberger was not in attendance at the Physician Recruitment and Retention Sub-Committee Meeting.
  • Chris Cutler, a senior member of the Mayor’s staff stated the Mayor “is not available” to the Clerk of the Committee.
  • Cutler took the seat of the Mayor at the Committee table
  • The Mayor’s Office did not release any statement that the Mayor was on vacation or staycation.
  • The Clerk did not state the Mayor was on vacation or staycation.


The statement reported is true. Mayor Eisenberger was not present, his staff stated he was “not available” and by sitting in the Mayor’s seat, his staff were representing him.
That the Mayor is at home on staycation is not relevant to the facts of the statement. If the Mayor were not able to attend due to circumstances outside of his control – such as an Act of God, unexpected event, or injury – a follow up story or statement would be required.
The report, published on Twitter, is accurate and does not require retraction, correction, or clarification.
The report was in keeping with standard practice of The Public Record to provide information on which members of Council attend meetings and to include when the Mayor sends a representative in their place.